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James and Susannah (___), Essex Co. VA

James Reynolds and his two wives,
Sarah (__) and Sussanna (__) Rennolds
of Essex County, Virginia

© William L. King, 1995

Chapter 1

James1 Rennolds d abt 1723/1724 Essex VA. The origin and ancestors of this James Reynolds are not known.

One James Reynolds shows up in Petsoe Parish, Gloucester Co. VA in 1675/6. It is not known where this James Reynolds came from.

There was a James Reynolds [bound] to Richard Dempster, 6 years, VA, 30 May 1662. (Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-1686, by Peter Wilson Coldham.)

A Ja. Reynolds and a Tho. Reynolds are headrights of Wm Young in a 1000 acre grant to Young in Stafford Co. 6 Oct 1669.

William and Ann Reynolds of Northumberland Co. VA had a son, James, who registered his mark for cattle in 1653. Our James1 Reynolds' first sons by each marriage named their first sons, William. It was a good possibility that William and Ann were our James1 Rennolds' parents. Additional research found this James of Northumberland to have died Feb 1678, so it isn't likely that he could be our James1

m 1st abt 1674 Sarah _?_. Children by Sarah:

        2 James2 (James1) Rennolds b abt 1675 Gloucester Co. VA, d 1751 Essex Co. VA; m bef 1703 Sarah _?_.
        3 Sarah2 Rennolds b abt 1678 Gloucester Co. VA.
        4 Thomas2 Rennolds b abt 1680 Gloucester Co. VA., d 1712 Essex Co. VA.
        5 Elizabeth2 Rennolds b abt 1682 Gloucester Co.VA.

James1 Rennolds m 2d bef 1703 in VA Sussanna _?_. Children by Sussanna:

      *6 Benjamin2 Rennolds b abt 1698 VA, m abt 1720 VA to Sarah (_?_), d 1742/1743 Caroline Co. VA.
        7 Violetta2 Rennolds.
        8 Hannah2 Rennolds: RFA member, Robert C. Shippey says that Hannah Rennolds married James Pickett Sr.
      *9 Sussannah2 Reynolds: Benjamin Rennolds used his sister, Sussanna Nelson, of King George Co. VA, as a witness on 22 Mar 1731 in Essex Co. VA.
      *10 Joseph2 Rennolds: There were two Joseph Rennolds in Essex and Caroline Cos. at the same time. I was unable to determine which was the son of James and Sussanna Rennolds. (The other Joseph Rennolds was the son of John and the grandson of Cornelius Reynolds.)

From Records of Colonial Gloucester Co. VA by Polly Mason we find:
        p48, 1675, Adjoining lands of Mr Richard Booker (lately Mr Reynolds land).
        p62, 1675/6, Mar 11, James Reynolds, Petsoe Parish, adjoining land of Walter Cant, son of David Cant deceased, formally called Knoxes land and also adjoining Thomas Dawkins, Samuel Partridge, and along Dragon Swank Runn. --H.R. Ja Clarke, Robert Dyer, Robert Carman.
        p64 & 67, 1681, James Reynolds there in 1681.
        p67, 1681 Augustine Warner land near James Reynolds.
        p95, 1682 James Reynolds, a witness.
        p96, 1685/6 Thomas Comer to James Reynolds. Comer of St John's Parish in New Kent Co assigns (2000 acres of) land to James Reynolds of Gloucester Co. Recorded (Old) Rappahannock Co 2 Feb 1685/6. Formerly bought of Mr Richard Whitehead, County of Gloucester, lying in the freshes Rappnonock Rv nere Monday (Muddy) Creek.
        p100 1699/1700 9 Jan Harry Beverley and Elizabeth his wife of Middlesex Co to James Reynolds of Gloucester Co 1070 acres in Essex Co 9 Jan 1699, land formerly granted to Robert Beverley, land adjacent to Reynolds and Upshaw land.
        p101 1703/4 Deed of gift, James Reynolds to James and Thomas Reynolds: "I James Reynolds and Sussanna my wife in the County of Gloucester and Parish of Petsoe doth hereby for diver considerations me and my wife here unto moving and for good will that I bear unto my two sons, give 1000 acres of land to be equally divided 500 acres for my son James where he now dwelleth and 500 acres for my son Thomas at the other end where my quarters is now - to them and their heirs forever. In case either or both of them should die without issue lawfully begotten of their bodies then to the next heir." 10 Mar 1703/4

Essex County Court 10 Mar 1703/4:                        James Rennolds

Sussanna   X   Reynolds                                        

(NOTE: Dragon Swamp (Great Swamp), the Plankatank River eventually becomes small and was known as Dragon Run and more especially Dragon Swamp.)

Old Rappahannock Co VA W/D Book #7, pp539-540: James Rennolds assigns over Bill of Sale to Thomas Comer, 24 Feb 1687/8. Signed James Rennolds.

Sarah Reynolds, wife of James Rennolds acknowledges her dowers right to 2000 acres, near Muddy Creek, formerly bought of Comer of New Kent, 30 Jul 1688; Records 17 8bers 1688.

her mark
Witnesses: W. Waller Sarah (W) Rennolds

NOTE: Muddy Creek is on north side of the Rappahannock River and is part of the western boundary of King George Co VA.
      James Rennolds, Jr is of age to sign as witness in 1688.
      Sarah Rennolds, 1st wife of James Rennolds, Sr
        probably died between 1688 and 1695.

1704 Rent Rolls: James Reynolds, Gloucester Co., Petsoe Parish, 200 acres. NOTE: Apparently when James and Sussanah Rennolds gave his sons, James and Thomas, the 1000 acres he retained this 200 acres. The Gloucester Co., Petsworth Parish Vestry Books lists James Rannalds there on 13 Apr 1709 and 1 Jan 1712.

Essex Co. VA 1704 Rent Rolls: James Reynolds, Essex Co., 500 plus acres. NOTE: This may be 1000 acres for James R. Sr. or 500 acres for James R. Sr and 500 acres for James R. Jr.

Essex Co VA: James Reynolds sells cow to Henry Dower 9 July 1677. (Must have been recorded after the fact.)

Essex Co. VA Book 4, p58: In his will 8 Feb 1723/4, James Rennolds Sr left his wife 1/3 of his estate; son James Jr 1/2 of 500 acres; son Benjamin and grandson William Rennolds the other half; daughters Violetta Rennolds, Hannah Rennolds and Susanna Rennolds 2 negros each; son Joseph land in Gloster; daughter Elizabeth Banes one gold ring she having her part before; godson Andrew Rennolds 1 negro at age 21; sons, James, Benjamin and Joseph also received negros; son Benjamin also got "that land up at my negro Quarters where Jane and Lt Coll dwelleth"; and all his other movables to be equally divided among three girls and two boys; sons James and Benjamin to be sole Executors.

NOTE: The way his will is written it is clear that his children of his marriage to Sussannah were Benjamin, Violetta, Hannah, Susanna and Joseph; they were probably born in the order shown. At the time of the writing of his will Benjamin at least had son William; Violetta, Hannah and Susanna were not married; and Joseph was under age of 21.

NOTE: Was the Divident of land 500 acres or was half the Divident 500 acres? At any rate at that time (Feb 1723/4) son James Jr was living on his part.

NOTE: Son Thomas died in 1712 and apparently daughter Sarah had died before 1723 or else he considered she had already received her part.

NOTE: Who was godson Andrew Rennolds? One of the witnesses of James Rennolds' will was a William Rennolds. Could he have been the father of Andrew Rennolds? If so, then who was this William Rennolds?

James Reynolds used "Rennolds" as the spelling of his name as early as 1687. It appears that around 1703 James Rennolds Sr quit using the "Reynolds" spelling and from then on used Rennolds. All of his descendants used "Rennolds" and those who remained in Essex Co. VA still do so today. Those family members that departed Essex Co., in general, went back to "Reynolds" around 1800.

Tillman calls this James Rennolds, William Reynolds, son of Thomas Reynolds of Isle of Wight Co. VA. Tillman also has William Reynolds' children mixed up between at least two different families. This James Rennolds appears to have no relationship with Thomas Reynolds of Isle of Wight.

Tillman did not include any of the children of James Rennolds and his second wife Sussanna in either of his books, unless possibly placed in the wrong family.

Sussannah (_?_) married James Rennolds Sr probably between 1695 and 1698. It is not known who she was or where she was from or if she had been married before. She most likely was from either Gloucester or Essex Cos. She and her husband moved to Essex Co. abt 1703. In his will (1723/4) James Rennolds Sr gave his wife her dower 1/3 "according to law and the best of draws." Sussannah Rennolds remarried to a __ Holland. In Essex Co., 20 Sep 1737, Benjamin Rennolds and Sarah his wife and Sussanna Holland his mother of Caroline Co. sold 230 acres to James Rennolds Jr. This may have been Sussanna Holland's dower land from her previous husband, James Rennolds Sr. Sussanna Holland was probably with her son Benjamin Rennolds at this time. I saw no evidence that she or her husband (Holland) died.

[Ed. Note: Old Rappahannock County VA was abolished in 1692 when Essex Co. was formed. Gloucester Co. was created in 1651 from York Co.]

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