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Thomas and Mary Reynolds of Virginia

Thomas and Mary Reynolds of Virginia
by Sybil R. Taylor, © 1993

T1-3 THOMAS REYNOLDS, son of George (2) and Thomasyn (Church) Reynolds, b 1590. He m. Mary, and settled in Isle of Wight Co. VA, with his brother Christopher. About 1637 Thomas and his family settled on the Rapidan River. Issue: Henry b ca 1624 [T1-4]; Rachel; Mary; John b 1650 [T1-18]; William b 1655 [T1-114]; Thomas [T1-313]; Cornelius; Edward b 1675 [T1-360]; and Richard [T2-403]. All of the daughters d.y.

T2-5571 Thomas Reynolds, of (1894-George), b 1590 England, m. Mary -, and settled Isle of Wight Co. VA with his brother Christopher Reynolds. Ca 1637 Thomas Reynolds and his family were settled on the Rapidan River in VA. The children are not necessarily listed in order of their birth. Issue: Henry b 1624 [T2-5572]; Rachel T2-5571a, Mary, John b 1650 [T2-5586]; William b 1655 [T2-5764]; Thomas [T2-6091]; Cornelius, Edward b 1675 [T2-6163]; and Richard [T2-6260].

RFA has not located any record to clearly support any of the above information about Thomas Reynolds. While possible, until clear and convincing evidence is found, RFA cannot accept that Thomas is son of George and Thomasyn Church, or the brother of Christopher of Isle of Wight.

There are so many records of a Thomas arriving in Virginia with no information to determine if they are one and the same or many different men. Could any of them have been born in Virginia? Were any of them returning from a trip to England?

Henry Perry...2000 acres...Charles City County, 18 Dec 1637, being alsoe graunted by order of Ct 19 Sep 1633. Note: The following names appear under this record...Tho. Reynolds... [Nugent, p78].

In his book Early Child Immigrants to Virginia 1618-1642, Robert Hume included the following entry:

"419 Thomas Reignolds Const Harris ffarington wthin va: person taken in the night by the watch an old prisoner is willing to goe to Virginia. 6 May 1635. Folio 44 v." (Bridewell: 6 May 1635. The following are willing to go to Virginia and are set by for the purpose:...Thomas Reignolds, vagrant brought in from Farringdon Within.... PRO:E157/20: 10 Aug 1635.) [Coldham. Complete Book...]. [Was Thomas this Reignolds a child taken in the night? Or was Thomas Reignolds an old prisoner willing to go to VA? Or was an old prisoner willing to go to VA for Thomas Reignolds? Or did Thomas Reynolds actually go to VA? [From the records of Bridewell Royal Hospital. Court Book of Bridewell and Bethlem, 21 May 1634 - 7 Oct 1642; Microfilm Reel 8. Balto: Magna Carta Book Co., 1986.]

1635: In his book The Original Lists of Persons of Quality 1600-1700, J. C. Hotten shows Thomas Reinolds, age 15, to be transported to VA in the 'Safety', 10 Aug 1635. (xo Augti 1635 Theis vnder-written names are to be transported to Virginea, imbarqued in the 'Safety', John Graunt Mr. ...Thomas Reinolds, age 15.) Is this Thomas the same as the one above?

1637: George Cabell Greer,in Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666, shows Thos. Reynolds transported to Charles River County (now York Co.) in 1637, as: 1. Reynolds, Tho., 1637 by Henry Perry, Charles River Co. and 2. Reynolds, Thos., 1637 by Henry Perry, Charles River Co (now York Co.). Is this one person or two?

1637: John Hucks, 100 acres, James City County, 15 Aug 1637, south side of James River, north on the Crosse Creek, on the west side of land of Thomas Reynolds... [Nugent, p64].

1645: York County Deeds and Orders, Book 2, p55 shows Thomas Reynolds on a list of people transported to VA by 1645.

1649: John Cabbidge received a patent of 200 acres 13 Mar 1649 in Isle of Wight County for transportation of 4 persons, including Tho. Rennolds [Nugent, p187].

1652: York County Deeds and Orders, Book 1. p142, shows that Samuel Snead had deeded to Thomas Reynolds by 23 Mar 1652 a gift of 45 acres on the west side of his own plantation on Queen's Creek. This Thomas Reynolds m Susan Snead. [This Thomas, through his son Thomas born ca 1653, is well documented by William W. Reynolds in Reynolds and McGuire Ancestors. Privately published Raleigh NC 1978. See abstract in this book in Line 29, Thomas and Susan (Snead) Reynolds of York Co. VA]

1653: Thomas Renalls patented 100 acres in the east branch of Dan. Taners Creek, on the south west side thereof, in Isle of Wight County VA, 16 Apr 1653, due him for transportation of William Hall and Thomas Dunton [Nugent p285].

1653: George Collins received a patent of 350 acres 25 Nov 1653 in Isle of Wight County for transportation of 7 persons, including Thomas Renells [Nugent p283].

1655-1665: Charles City County Order Book 1655-1665, pp20, 551 and others (see Fleet, B., Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vols 10-12) show a Thomas Reynolds residing in Charles City County during 1655-1664.

1658: Probate of will of Robert Freeney of Stepney, Middlesex, who made a bequest to "Thomas Reynolds in Virginia" -- Sep 1658. [Coldham. Complete Book... EEAC].

1662: Tho. Chetwood, 300 acres...16 Jun 1662...transportation of 6 persons, including Tho. Reynolds, Hen. Reynolds... [Nugent, p399]

1662: Tobias Horton, 1200 acres...16 Jun 1662...transportation of 24 persons, including Tho. Reynolds...Hen. Reynolds... [Nugent, p437].

[Ed. Note: A little graft above?????]

1664: Anthony Mathews received a patent of 640 acres 1 Feb 1664 in Isle of Wight County for the transportation of 13 persons, including one Tho. Reighnolds [Nugent p444].

1647-1800: Blanche Adams Chapman's Wills and Administrations of the Isle of Wight County VA 1647-1800, 1938, does not contain a will for a Thomas Reynolds.

-1647: William Wayne Reynolds did not find a will for his Thomas of York Co., whose death had occurred by 19 Oct 1671, as York Co. Deeds, Orders, Wills, Book 4, p.162 show that Thomas Reynolds of Blisland Parish, New Kent Co, son of Thomas Reynolds, late of Queen's Creek, York Co., with the consent of Susan Peace, late wife of Thomas Reynolds, deceased, deeded to Daniel Wyld of York Co. lands given to his father by Samuel Snead. Evidently, Thomas (the father) had died prior to 1671 and his wife, Susan, had remarried a man named Peace.

Clearly, there was a Thomas Reynolds in colonial Virginia, but no evidence that any one of them was the son of George and Thomasyn Church.

Of more interest, is the source for the name of Thomas' wife Mary and the birthdates for their children.

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