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John Reynolds of Kent County, Delaware

A Genealogical Record
Of the Descendants of John Reynolds, who Emigrated to
Kent County, Delaware, from England

Compiled by John C. Gooden, late of Kent County, Delaware
©Reynolds Family Association, 1992

[The following genealogy is from the 1920 RFA Annual. Where possible, it has been updated from records available in the RFA Archives. Unfortunately the author provided little information with regards to location and residence, and no documentation of sources used to compile this family history. Comparison should be made to the marriage records of Delaware and to the probate records of Kent County, Delaware, elsewhere in this book. There were several other Reynolds families living in Kent County, some of whom may be related to the family of Henry Reynolds of Lancaster County PA, and for whom the author has made no connections. This includes Francis Reynolds who witnessed a will in 1690 at Dover River, and John Reynolds, living at Fox Hall when his will was made in 1690, who mentions a son, John. Further investigation is needed to determine if a connection exists.--SRC]

Generation I

John Reynolds who died 1729; m. (1) ----; (2) Elizabeth ----, d. Mar 1732.

John's will was dated 26 Jan 1727/8, probated 2 May 1729 in Kent County. It names his wife Elizabeth, and children Daniel, George, Robert, John, Sara, Elizabeth and Marey. Elizabeth's will was made 15 Mar 1732, probated 17 Mar 1732. She names only son Robert, and mentions two daughters, not named, as well as a cousin, Elizabeth Gordon. All four of the sons named in John's will were still living at the time of Elizabeth's death, though she mentioned only Robert. Perhaps Daniel, George, John and one of their sisters were children of John's first marriage.

Generation II

Children of John Reynolds:

*1 Daniel Reynolds, d. 1736; m. Grace Lowber, 6, 1712 of Michael and Unity. Unity d. 1773

2 George Reynolds, d. 1734. Single. The administration of his estate was granted to his brother Daniel 8 Apr 1734.

3 John Reynolds, d. Dec. 1745, no issue. This may be the John Reynolds for whom administration of his estate was granted to his widow Catherine 17 Dec 1745. Another John Reynolds, of Duck Creek, made his nuncupative will 16 Aug 1742, which mentions children as heirs, but they are not named.

4 Robert Reynolds, d. March 1758; m. Rachel ----. No issue. Administration of his estate was granted to widow Rachael 21 Mar 1758.

5 Sarah Reynolds

6 Elizabeth Reynolds

7 Mary Reynolds

Generation III

1 Daniel Reynolds m. Grace Lowber, the daughter of Michael Lowber. The author states that Grace's mother's name was Unity. The will of Michael Lowber, dated 2 Jan 1744, probated 7 Apr 1746, names wife Rachel. His will also names grandchildren John, Michael and Susannah Reynolds.

Daniel was a tutor in the Lowber family and married one of the daughters. He received Golden Ridge Homestead in Kent County, Delaware, from the Lowbers and in his will probably gave it to his children June 14, 1736. Golden Ridge is now [1920] in possession of Herbert B. Reynolds, a mechanical engineer of New York City.

Daniel's will was made 4 May 1736 and probated 14 June 1736. It names wife Grace and children John, Miyckel and Susanah. Children:
      *11 Susannah Reynolds m. John Gooden
        12 John Reynolds d. Oct. 1773, m. Elizabeth ----. No issue. The will of John Reynolds, dated 21 Sep 1773, probated 7 Oct 1773, names wife Elizabeth, and John Reynolds, son of Michael Reynolds. Elizabeth married second James White.
      *13 Michael Reynolds d. after 1792; m. Miriam Blackshaw, of Thomas, d. after 1798.

Generation IV

11 Susannah Reynolds m. John Gooden. She was named as Susannah Reynolds in her grandfathers will dated 2 June 1744. Children:
        *111 Ruth Gooden m. Moses or Aaron Gooden

13 Michael Reynolds m. Miriam Blackshaw, daughter of Thomas Blackshaw. Miriam Reynolds, wife of Michael Reynolds, was named in the will of her brother Thomas Blackshaw dated 18 Feb 1790. The will of son Robert in 1796 names his mother, brothers and sister, but does not mention his father. Children:
          131 Robert Reynolds, d. after 1788; m. Elizabeth Blackshaw, sister of Marian. It is unlikely that Robert married his aunt. He was of Murderkill Hundred when he made his will 17 July 1796. The will, probated 21 Apr 1798, names his mother Miriam Reynolds, brothers Thomas, Daniel, Michael and George, children of sister Letitia, and children of John Reynolds. No wife is mentioned.
        *132 Michael Reynolds, d. Feb 1811; m. (1) Miss Pratt; m. (2) Mary Emerson of Vincent, d. 1793.
        *133 Daniel Reynolds, d. 1810, m. Susan Robinson.
        *134 Thomas Reynolds, b. 1769, d. 1816; m. Frances Smith, b. Dec. 12, 1783, d. May 9, 1824.
        *135 John Reynolds, d. Feb. 1790; m. Catherine Duhadway.
        *136 George Reynolds, m. ----; settled on Monongahela River, near Pittsburgh, where Robert W. Reynolds and Fannie visited him in 1858.
        *137 Letitia Reynolds, m. John Gruwell.

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